How BioSho Works
  • BioSho Quick Guide

    If you are a student looking for a coach or mentor, BioSho gives you powerful tools to search and find experienced coaches that will amplify your learning

    If you are a coach or mentor, BioSho lets you put your experience on-line in a well organize and searchable forma.

    Using BioSho is easy:

    • Join for free
    • Search for your coach or mentor
    • If you are a coach or mentor, upgrade to a 'Bio Post Account' and create your bio
    • If you represent a group of coaches or mentors, create special coach/mentor groups
  • What is a Bio?

    A bio is a page that provides a detailed resume of your experience. Your bio is presented in a structured format that helps users quickly and easily identify your skills. Tools exist to help you identify areas you work, such as nationally, at specific venues or locally.

  • Uploading Bio Image Files

    Navigate to your bio press the 'Add Image' button. A 'Drag and Drop' box will be opened. Drag your files into the 'Drag and Drop' box and they will be uploaded to your bio. It's that simple.


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